Prototyping MetaVerse


Prototyping a VR and Web application for the Pau Metaverse still in production.

Metaverse Photo


Thanks to an ultra realistic 3D model, produced by photogrammetry which is owned by the city of Pau and Bentley system.

We carried out several research to find the most effective way to develop a Metaverse for the city of Pau.

I created a multiplayer VR version with the Element 3D streaming system (Cesium ion and Normcore API).

I also created a prototype with the Spatial API which allows multiplayer compatible with web PC/mobile and VR.

  • Still in prototype state.


For this project I was able to carry out all the development tasks alone.

I also participated in the communication between several professionals, particularly for the translation part between my boss in French and the professionals in English.

Throughout the prototyping phase I carried out research for the technical solution best suited to the needs and also consulted my boss for things that were possible or not depending on the technical skills of my colleagues.

We also carried out an optimization of the digital twin on Blender.