The Salamander Investigation

Git Versioning
SCRUM Master

An end-of-year project game in VR (not published)

Salamander Investigation in-game photo


A game created for the end of my studies.

It’s an investigation and scenario game in VR, where you take on the role of an investigator who has the power to use magic cards with different effects depending on the card. We’re investigating a secret company that kills card holders in order to recover them and use them for nefarious purposes.

The first part plunges us into the hotel room of our first victim, and we have to look for clues to understand the victim’s story and move forward in the investigation.

To do this, we have at our disposal a card book containing a card that allows us to hear an object pass by.


We were a team of 4 developers and 4 artists.

I had the role of SCRUM Master, so my tasks were to coordinate brainstorming (MELEE), project management using git and writing technical documents for the final project presentation to the jury (BurnDown Chart and Delta Report).

I also took part in the development phase, such as creating the game lobby on Blender (police station).

  • Creating the functional part of the card book.

  • Creating an animation for a book in Blender.

  • The level design of the hotel room.

  • Creating a dialogue system.

  • Creation of a completion system based on the clues found.

As well as the integration of 3D props provided by the artists so that it is functionally compatible with the hand motion created by my colleagues.