3D Scan

It's an internal application made by myself for use by my staff only

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It’s a VR-compatible web application that can be used to help with interior and exterior design, as well as taking measurements of dimensions and surface areas.

In addition to a backup system with a shareable backup file that can be sent from a file, enabling projects to be transported.

The application requires a 3D scan of the site or a 3D model as a workspace.

As well as the addition of 3D models for the layout elements to be placed as required.


The application was largely built by myself.

In addition to a number of assets that I added later, such as the ZSerializer backup system (I added the object backup system generated in the runtime and the generation of nameable backup files) and the Measure Line measurement system (I added surface measurement).

The HUD and the modifiable object interface have been completely generated in-house.